Suffering is a Gift – from Journal

Consider it a gift when you experience a very difficult hardship where God is your only option/hope. You will be blessed and built up through the hardship. This will bring you into a time of deep surrender and healing, and it will prepare you for His ministry. Not everyone gets this opportunity. [my notes: King David went through so much more depression and anxiety than me while he was pursued by Saul for 10 to 13 years. God was definitely using that hardship to develop him to be able to use him in the way He wanted. So, Aaron… you know this is what is happening to you right now. I believe you went into the deep surrender part, and you are now experiencing the deep healing, but this may still take a while and you will still suffer, so find hope in God that He is without a doubt preparing you for His work. It won’t be easy, but trust in God then everything will be okay. This is a sure promise, because He loves you].

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