Who is Your Husband?

After Ruth lost her husband, father-in-law, and brother-in-law, she was left vulnerable, poor, and pitied; especially, in the culture she lived in at the time. She picked up leftover crops in a farm after the farmers first went through just to survive. This farm belonged to a man named Boaz. Boaz was respected, honorable, wealthy, and loving. By God’s grace, Ruth wed Boaz. After the marriage, Ruth was no longer vulnerable, poor, and pitied, instead she was now secure, wealthy, and respected. She no longer needed to beg or look for leftovers to survive, she could now simply look to her husband Boaz to meet all her needs.

In the same way, when the Holy Spirit started to dwell in us, we were wed to Jesus. We went from being vulnerable, poor, and pitied, to being the bride of Jesus, rich, and completely secure. Now imagine this: After Ruth wed Boaz, what would you think if Ruth went back out to Boaz’s field to search for leftovers so that she could eat? What if Ruth suffered from anxiety and depression because she was worried she wouldn’t collect enough food to avoid starvation for the next week? Completely ridiculous right? How would Boaz feel about that? Yet, so many of us live like this! Although we are married to Jesus, we live as though we need to fend for ourselves. We need to stop living like this, and instead look to our loving husband Jesus for all our needs! Stop trying to figure everything out. Stop worrying. Stop carrying your burdens. Trust in Jesus!

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