Is Jesus alone enough for you?

Many Christians experience strong emotions during salvation, and they continue to experience strong emotions years into their walk with God. However, there often comes a time when God allows the emotions and feelings to die away and let the believer simply be left with God’s word and Himself.

The coming to the end of yourself often entails not only extreme suffering, but also the absence of positive feelings.

This is the time to determine you do not need feelings to confirm God’s presence and truths. When the Apostle Paul was persecuted physically and thrown in prison many times, he still found joy in the Lord in all circumstances simply because of Jesus. No matter what was taken from him, Paul was always satisfied because no one could take away Jesus from him. Even if all material things and physical/mental health is taken away from you, you are still rich because you have Jesus and He will never leave you. May Jesus be your treasure and hope.

3 Replies to “Is Jesus alone enough for you?”

  1. Hi Brother Aaron, i have a matter i need advise on but i do not want to share it in public and would appreciate if i can discuss it with you over email.

    Kind regards


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