These are the resources that helped me the most during my time in the fire.

Counseling recommendation:
This is where I received counseling from Dr. John Woodward, and I cannot recommend them enough. They provide phone counseling at (865) 429-0450.

Recommended books to read:
– Handbook to Happiness, by Charles Solomon
– The Normal Christian Life, by Watchman Nee
– Bone of His Bones, by FJ Huegel
– Battle of the Mind, by Bill Loveless
– The Bondage Breaker, by Neil Anderson
– The Ins and Out of Rejection, by Charles Solomon
– Victory in Christ, Charles Trumbull (Search for free version online)
– The Indwelling Life of Christ, Ian Thomas

Pastors I listened to from Youtube that helped the most
[I recommend searching by topic (e.g. suffering, hope, despair, warfare) with their name in YouTube]
– Charles Spurgeon
– Martin Lloyd Jones
– A.W. Tozer
– Tim Keller
– Francis Chan
– Neil Anderson
– Jim Logan

Christian music that helped me tremendously during time of despair
– Sleep in The Storm, by Unspoken
– I Don’t Have to Worry, by David Dunn
– He Knows, by Dan Bremnes
– Wait On You, by Unspoken
– Soldier, by Unspoken
– Cheer You On, by Jordan Feliz
– On My Side, by Citizen Way
– Right Now, by About A Mile
– Where The Light Is, by Dan Bremnes
– Because He Lives, by David Crowder Band
– Grace is Sufficient, by Shane & Shane
– Unfinished, by Mandisa
– Bulletproof, by Citizen Way
– Just Hold On, by Citizen Way
– Same Power, by Jeremy Camp
– A Mighty Fortress, by Christy Nockels
– Even If, by Kutless

Other resources

How to be saved:
How to be a child of God
Are You a Good Peron?

Wonderful Free Courses from Grace Fellowship International:
Grace Study Hall

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